Group Home Program

This program offers short term accommodations, usually under 90 days with 24 hour supportive services for up to five residents. Staff provide guidance to residents searching for effective mental health treatment for their psychiatric disorder. The group home provides a structured daily program designed to enhance life skills, gain stability and move forward to independent living in the larger community. Referrals are accepted from the Dubé Centre in partnership with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Next Steps Program

This program supports participants in addressing and enhancing life skills, restoring and maintaining health, and achieving independent residency. Staff offer individualized, person-centered, and strength-based approaches to house and care for participants affected by severe and persistent mental illness, with or without a co-occurring substance use disorder. Specific support services provided will be determined in consultation with the participant, the program staff, and community case managers. Referrals are accepted from the Dubé Centre in partnership with the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Supportive Apartment Program

The organization provides individuals with long term affordable rental units in a supportive learning environment. Tenants will meet with their Community Mental Health Worker to mutually develop a recovery plan for the purpose of achieving and maintaining their independence in the community. The plan focuses on practical life skills, illness awareness, medication management, financial responsibilities, household management, community management and any other recovery goals. In addition, we have a two (2) year Transitional Housing Program which provides structure, supervision and support with tenants’ mental health issues seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Community Mental Health Worker(s) coordinate with external services for additional health care, training programs and employment opportunities.

Community Outreach

As an extension of our supportive apartment program, our community outreach services provide support, counselling and connections to other community services and supports.

Other Programs

Our Transition Team offers support & resources in the community after a mental health visit to the Emergency Department or a discharge from the Dubé  Centre. We connect shortly after discharge to assist in an on-going community care plan. Referrals to this service are typically made by staff in either acute mental health or emergency departments.

Our Hoarding Support Program is for individuals who are wanting to gain insight and skills to cope with hoarding behaviours. We do not assist with the decluttering of an individual’s home.

Who Is Eligible?

If you have recently been diagnosed or have been living with mental illness symptoms and wanting some insight around your illness and medications, our services may be of interest to you.

Your family, friends, neighbours, psychiatrist or community support worker are saying that you are needing some help to cope, this may be a program for you.

How To Access Our Programs?

A completed application must be submitted for consideration.

You can access the APPLICATION FORM from our website OR from our office.

Once a completed application is submitted, our intake committee will review the information. An interview will be scheduled with the applicant to ensure they meet the program eligibility requirements.

If there are no current available openings, the application will remain on file until future openings become available.

After one year a new application must be completed.